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4 12, 2015

All About Private Mortgage Insurance-PMI

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All about Private Mortgage Insurance – PMI
Unless you are able to put 20% down on a conventional, non-government loan, […]

25 09, 2014

Five ways to make the loan process go faster

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Five ways to make the loan process go faster
We should say that “working with us” is the first way! […]

18 09, 2014

All About the Down Payment

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All about the down payment
For many buyers, especially first-time buyers, saving up the funds for the down payment can […]

9 09, 2014

What Information Do I Need for Loan Application?

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What information will be needed for the loan application (and how it’s kept private)
Anything you submit over our website […]

27 08, 2014

What is an Escrow Account?

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What is an Escrow Account?
To obtain a mortgage loan, you must agree to keep a hazard insurance policy in […]

21 08, 2014

No Closing Cost vs No Cash to Close?

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“No Closing Cost” vs. “No Cash to Close”
Why they are not the same
If you choose a “No Closing Cost” […]

18 08, 2014

What is an adjustable rate mortgage?

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An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a mortgage that has a specified adjusting period where the rate can be […]

12 08, 2014

Mortgage Broker or Bank?

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Should I go to a bank or use the services of a mortgage broker?
Obtaining a home mortgage is often […]

9 08, 2014

Should I Sign a Buyers Agency Agreement?

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Should I Sign a Buyers Agency Agreement?
The South Carolina Real Estate Commission has approved a brochure titled “Agency Relationships […]

6 08, 2014

Can I Buy a Home After a Bankruptcy?

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Yes! You can buy a home after a bankruptcy
A bankruptcy filing does not mean that you cannot buy a […]