What information will be needed for the loan application (and how it’s kept private)

Anything you submit over our website is fully secure. And we never share it with anyone without your permission — that is, you’re giving us information you want us to use to get you the best loan. We use that information to inform mortgage lenders about you and convince them to loan you money. In turn, those mortgage lenders are bound by federal law to keep your information secure.

Here is a list of the information lenders will need to consider your loan application.


  • Document with Social Security Number, for all borrowers (SS Card or W-2)
  • Copies of driver’s License or other government issued photo ID, if no driver’s license, for all borrowers
  • Resident address for last 2 years
  • Copy of divorce decree, separation or child support papers (if applicable)
  • Copy of bankruptcy papers & discharge papers (if applicable)
  • Address and estimated value for any other real estate owned and copy of insurance and recent tax bill for each property

Employment history

  • Names of employers for the last two years, addresses, phone numbers and employment start/end dates


  • Current pay stubs for one month. If you get paid every two weeks, we will need pay stubs for three pay periods.
  • If you are an employee with less that 25% ownership in the company, provide the most recent W-2’s for the prior two years
  • If you have received overtime for the most recent two years and wish for us to consider it, please provide a copy of the last paystub you received in the prior two years (end of December). It will have the year-to-date amount of overtime paid.
  • If you have received commission income the prior two years, copies of the most recent two years tax returns will be needed –ALL schedules.
  • If you are self-employed or own 25% or more of the company that you work for, copies of the most recent two years tax returns will be needed for both the business and personal filings –ALL schedules.
  • If you receive rental income, copies of the most recent two years tax returns will be needed –ALL schedules.


Check and Savings Accounts and Certificates of Deposit
Last 2 months’ statements –ALL pages required. Letter of explanation for all non-salary large deposits over $200.

Stocks, Bonds, and Investment Accounts
Last 2 months’ statements –ALL pages required, or copies of stock certificates.

Retirement Plan
Copy of latest statement-All pages
Statement should provide approximate vested interest value.

Real estate currently owned
Name and address of all mortgage lenders for the past 24 months, account numbers, monthly payment amount and loan balances
Copies of most recent property tax bill
Copies of current homeowner’s policy showing annual premium and due date

If you are buying a home

Provide purchase sales contract and all addendums with signatures of buyer and seller (and listing and selling agents signatures, if a real estate agency was involved).

If you’ve sold your home but not closed

Provide a copy of the sales contract for your existing home

If you’ve sold your home, closed, and you will use the proceeds for your new down payment

Provide a copy of the Closing Disclosure Settlement Statement from the
sale of your previous residence

If you currently rent

Name, address and phone number of landlords for the past 24 months along with copies of canceled rent checks (front and back) for the most recent 12 months.

If the source of your down payment is a gift

Name, address, and relationship of donor.
Gift funds must be verified in both the donor and recipient’s accounts by bank statements.
Note: Not all loan programs allow gifts to be part of your down payment.

For FHA Financing
Copy of Social Security card
For VA Financing
Discharge form DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility

If you are refinancing a home

  • Copy of current Homeowners Insurance Declaration page (showing amount of premium and expiration date)
  • Copy of current mortgage payment coupon
  • Copy of the most recent property tax bill

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